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Jewelry Design

Our design story isn't like any story.  

It began 20 years ago with sleek, elegant designs, and big dreams.  Today our pieces are not only featured in-store but appear in popups.   From sterling silver to 14k gold, our designs will not only inspire you, they will transform you.  We feature Mother-Daughter pieces. Our jewelry embodies the tenderness between a mother and daughter, and evokes a special memory with each piece. A mother-daughter relationship is a very special one, and mother-daughter jewelry can be a perfect way to start a wonderful tradition to keep within your family. Handmade mother daughter jewelry with semi precious and precious gemstones.

Invitation design

We feature handmade custom invitations for all occasions.  Specialty paper and unique designs. Our services do not simply rest upon sale, we walk you through each step of the process. 

Event planning services available